Eric Daniel Le Roy

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Final Project- Alternative Views of Art

Eric Daniel Le Roy December 5, 2006
“Passing” Final Project- Video on
Alternative Views on Art (Fall 2006)
Instructors: Chris Burnett/Blue Cease


Project definition: Switching bit rate for paper- digital video is the new poster.
Paper power = cheap distribution of information. Switching paper for visible diodes.

Area of Emphasis: Image recognition. Collecting the responses of image consumers.
Responses to a specific set of context, format and language choices
(set forth by the protagonist) that form the way decisions are made about what is
seen and how it is seen. The politics of recognition put into motion as “ImageText”.
Contribution as an alternative approach to art: In the “real” world these
posters/postcards and web postings do not act as if they are anything but informative
flyers for public awareness. There is the potential. But before that happens. They must
be infused with credibility and power by playing the role of poster.


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Schnapp, Jeffrey T. (Jeffrey Thompson). Revolutionary Tides: The art of the political poster, 1914-1989. Milano, Italy, Rizzoli International Publications, 2005

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Thursday, November 16, 2006


VERTIGO! One drive by after another without sunsets. Concerned Americans and dollar bills for nothing. Advertising and co-opting of our landscape. Confusion and candor, relaxed and tight gestures of frank examination. My black eye and your black eye for breakfast. I am positive that this is correct.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Digital Divide 4 by 2 & add 2 then hit return- Repeat!

Myth Number 4: Internet art contributes to the Digital Divide.

The essay provided to us by the website and written by Jon Ippolito correctly states “Myth Number 4”.

The voices heard are few though- not because of a division but the addition. Mathematically speaking Infinity screams.

Everyone can, does or will speak at once. Purpose. I am uncertain. My concerns are for the infinity of murmur. The blissful joy of inclusion and the realization that we are all included and exist as one is somehow new and exciting on the world wide

Thursday, October 26, 2006


The purpose of the fake or faker is to convince us that- what you see is what we get or W.S.Y.W.G (pronounced wizzywig).

Magic, alchemy, illusions, delusions, trickery, fakery, bakery, filters, optics, mirrors, psychosis, mitosis, cell division, replication, counterfeit, and gaming are just a few words that come to mind as members of “The Bag of Tricks”.

Politics changes quickly and the counterfeit can finance the testing of a nuclear device in North Korea despite all efforts to create “real” money. The fakery in the bakery cannot be stopped.
“North Korea’s weapons exports earn it some $400-500 million, drug smuggling and counterfeit dollar transactions $300-500 million, and the inter-Korean projects $160 million, a Unification Ministry official estimates. Another $30-100 million annually goes to the North from the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan or Chongryon. The study says Seoul’s participation in the PSI would stop or curtail inter-Korean exchanges and the subsidies from the South that go with it, which besides hitting the North Korean economy would dry up the supply of materials for Pyongyang’s weapons industry.”

According to the article printed on this South Korean website:

This influence is ingrained into almost every aspect of the global political rhetoric that our truths become lies and their tricks become reality. W.S.Y.W.G

The image-maker can create anything. The recipe is prescribed and can be adjusted to suit the situation at hand. We just don’t know. We can only assume W.S.Y.W.G in order to survive and the maker of the image relies on this very fact. Each must navigate in order to survive. Like the mouse in the house trying to graze in the maze. Finding our way must include some “facts” be it as they may. Some image must be relied upon or I will not be able to find my chunk of cheese in the breeze.

All of this talk of Tom-Foolery reminds me of the trivial nature of serious topics. We all choose to believe the tricks of one magician over another. Politics, leaders, artists, actors, computers, television, houses and images in any form are all fakes.

Be careful on your way out – I have moved the door!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Video- As Political Poster!

Video is a monitored motion. Posted. Web based and posted it becomes pasted.
Images are browsed and searched. Double click for message or medium. Whichever- it’s your choice.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Goldwater or is water gold?

People, Politics, and posters- Nothing! People, politics and posters- No People, Politics, and posters- Nothing! People, Politics, and posters- Nothing! People, Politics, and posters- Nothing!

Image and impressions are similar distinct and juxtaposed for the placement of power. Power of Gold! Money, position and control. It’s all image!

People, Politics, and posters- Nothing!

Monday, September 18, 2006

09182006- Call 1-800-HELP NOW


There is a sense that the whole bloody thing is gone. We just simply fetter time in order to believe that we are completing anything when nothing is left. I am not trying to sound overly bleak but attempting to understand the pursuit of persuasion. Have you given blood today?

I could apply gender to a shoe. I could make it talk and walk and I often do. What is left or right about my shoe? Walking the distant miles and exploring each highway and each route- examining each billboard and claiming no political affiliation makes me chuckle.


This is both blind and insightful. Lost and found like a hat left behind in a theater. It projects nothing on its own but is in the presence of projectors. The hat has a meaning. Sometimes written sometimes symbolic but the hat speaks. Very simply it has shape and was a part of a head. It connects to hair or scalp and is usually worn for fashion, comfort and or protection. All of which are chapter headings.


The hat is also a Mini-billboard. With or without signage the color could speak or the shape may express. Unless when opening your eyes you do not want to think about what you see and assume what you know.

Everyone sees the Billboard- can you make out what it says?